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Monica Stettner Corsi C.E.O.


“We are dedicated to making sure each customer receives a cleaning they are proud and pleased to receive.”┬áThis is the founding principal of MoniMel Inc.


“Today many families have both spouses working. What suffers is the home. When both partners return, nobody feels like cleaning.” But how the house looks affects how everybody in the home feels.


Moni Mel uses European principles of employee training and the highest professional standards of modern cleaning. No problem is too great or too hard, whether a regular weekly maintenance is required, or a complete overhaul.


“We work for all kinds of customers,” Monica notes, “from individual families to contractors to large corporations. With each, we look for one result, customer satisfaction.”

Melania Menzani


Established in 1984

Moni Mel, the successful residential and commercial cleaning company was established in 1984 by Monica Stettner-Corsi and her mother, Melania Menzani. The mother-daughter co-founders not only put their names into the company, they put their hearts into it as well. “We still work the old fashion way,” Melania was always careful to point out, “we customize the cleaning to each home and we know from the start that no two people are identical. The cleaning is adjusted to different life styles and different needs. The important thing is to satisfy the customer. Only then do we know that we have worked hard enough to earn the customer’s respect.

Earning Customer Respect

Earning the respect of customers, and their repeat business, has been a trademark of Moni Mel in the company’s 30-year history. Monica and Melania bring with them a European tradition, Melania having been born in Italy, with Monica born and raised in Argentina, her mother’s second home. Melania drew upon her experience as a teacher to create for Moni Mel an employee training program that stresses European methods for obtaining meticulous cleaning results. Monica’s contribution has been in the day-to-day requirements of building and managing what has become a substantial business.

Having the Customer’s Trust

Trust is something that is obviously earned over time and is not given easily. With having both employees and customers who have been with us for over 15 years we feel we have earned the trust of our customers. We hold about 90% of all our customer’s house keys and alarm codes so that we can provide our services while the customer is at work. The customer appreciates this as they come home to a clean house at the end of their busy work day. We are fully insured and bonded to cover your home well into the multi million dollar range, so there are no worries.