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Welcome back!

I am so excited to have Monimel back in my home! I used the service many years ago and was very happy with the quality of the work. But then with kids' college and other expenses, we had to cut some corners. I tried individual cleaning people for a while, and although more financially fit for our purposes, there was no comparison in the quality of the cleaning. Recently, we decided to go back to Monica and her fabulous cleaning crews. Not only is Monica the ultimate professional, but she is also a lovely person who will take the time to really talk to you about what you want and need, and even inquire about how you are doing. The first day I walked into my house after Monimel had been here a few weeks ago, I was pleased beyond my expectations. I expected the high quality I remembered, but they even went as far as to clean the inside of the rim and lid of the washing machine and those behind-the-scenes areas around the hot water heater and water softener in the corner of the basement! The peace of mind and satisfaction in having Monimel taking care of my house is priceless! .

Nancy Douglas

Moni-mel is great about special requests

Moni-mel's cleaning team has been keeping my house in good order for several years. I am especially pleased with their adaptability, and the care and attention they give to special requests, which vary from one visit to another.

Marian Glenn

A Great Experience

Monimel was very professional from the start. Great phone interview, prompt, and didn't miss a spot in the house! Highly recommended. Thanks Monica and team.

Craig Bradley

Moni Mel has been cleaning my house for about 15 years - they are always professional, polite and efficient and reliable. Monica does a great job employing wonderful people and is always willing to work with me on scheduling changes. I would never even consider looking anywhere else!

Nancy Truettner