Helpie FAQ

  • 1- How long does a typical maintenance cleaning take?

    A typical cleaning may vary in length of time depending on size of the home, but a minimum stay of 60 minutes is applied with a crew of four employees.

  • 2- How many people perfume each job on regular basis.

    Moni Mel crews are form of four employees.

  • 3- How can I inquire about your services and how fast can you assist?

    A prospective customer may email us, call or use the website contact page.

  • 4- Do you bring your own products and equipment or does the customer needs to have them available?

    Moni Mel provides and includes all products and equipment to perform all jobs.

  • 5- Is the customer required to stay present while the cleaning is taking place?

    It’s Completely up to each home customer’s preference. Moni Mel does not require the customer’s pr to be present to perform the job.

  • 6- Is there anything your cleaning service won’t offer?

    It’ll be rare for Moni Mel to limit a customer’s request, but exception may apply.

  • 7- Do you offer a thorough cleaning session every time you’re do for maintenance?

    Absolutely! Moni Mel main principle is to offer a customer peace of mind and now having the Covid-19 being part of every day’s life for everyone, Moni Mel goes the extra mile in making sure all highly touched surfaces as well as bathrooms and kitchen are sanitized every time.

  • 8- If I want a deep cleaning but not including washing the windows or having the carpets cleaned, what would be a minimum time slot offered?

    Moni Mel offers a mini deep cleaning that start with a three hour slot with a team of four well trained employees.

  • 9- How do you accept payment?

    Moni Mel accepts all major credit cards as the main payment method.

  • 10- How do I know I can trust your service to be left alone in my home or office?

    Moni Mel has been practicing cleaning services since 1984 and has been able to earn an incredible and impeccable reputation not only in the eyes of the customer’s we serve but with the BBB. And Chamber of Commerce. Moni Mel goal has always been making sure of developing and maintaining the highest standard of respect and earning everyone’s trust and admiration so we could retain a customer for a lifetime.