Here's what out customer's say


Here's What our Customers Say....


Our business is to make sure our customers are satisfied, what better way to find out than to hear it straight from them:

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Hi Monica! I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job you did on Friday. We are so happy to back in our home and having it so clean made moving back in that much easier and freed us up to start tackling other projects. We will be in contact with you again for sure and will be happily singing the praises of Mon-Mel until then. In the meantime, thank you again!! All our best for a safe and enjoyable summer to you and yours.

Erin & Steve

 people1MoniMel to the rescue

I would like to thank Monica and her crew’s. Yes crew’s I am a Realtor and was getting ready to list an expensive home for sale that had been occupied by tenants for several years. I am pretty sure the tenants did not own a vacuum and had no idea about windex or Fantastic cleaner. We needed everything including steam clean the carpets and do the windows. Monica brought me 2 crews and we went from gross to squeaky clean in under 8 hours. I sold the home in 5 days and it was worth every cent. Plus usually I would have had to coordinate a window person, carpet clean company and a house cleaner. They sure made it easy for us, thanks so much.

Peter Engelmann

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 Mitchell Residence Aspen Mountain in Aspen Colorado  people2

Moni Mel is a company you can count on, not just for customary cleaning services, but in an emergency. I contacted Monica late one night after we had a fire. She not only came out that same night, but brought in a fire and smoke cleanup expert to evaluate our restoration needs. The process began immediately and she and her wonderful staff worked tirelessly to return our life to normal as quickly as possible. Monica is a consummate professional and a generous, compassionate person.

Judith Fallat



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