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License No: 3002144273

Moni Mel is a New Jersey-licensed public adjuster. This means Moni Mel can legally represent you in a claim you may have on your homeowner’s, renter’s or business property and casualty insurance policy.

Moni Mel: A New Jersey - Licensed Public Adjuster

Moni Mel is a New Jersey-licensed public adjuster. This means Moni Mel can legally represent you in a claim you may have on your homeowner’s, renter’s or business property and casualty insurance policy.

As a licensed public adjuster in New Jersey, Moni Mel will represent you to get the best possible settlement in any property damage claim you need to make to receive payment from your property and casualty insurance policy.

So, in cases where you are suffering fire or water damage to your home, your apartment, or your business, there is no need for you anymore to fight alone to collect the damage repair payments you are due from your insurance company.

Moni Mel is now a full-service restoration company, capable of working with you from the moment you suffer fire or water damage to the happy end result where your property is fully restored to its pre-damage condition.

With over 40 years of combined experience within an expansive range of insurance proceedings, Moni Mel’s insurance professionals have your interests as the policyholder best interest at the forefront.

Moni Mel prides itself on the knowledge, effectiveness, and accessibility of helping our clients through the difficulties initiated by catastrophic events.

To simplify the insurance claims process, Moni Mel will ensure that you have all the answers and proper documentation required when facing insurance companies when resolving the loss of your home or business.

We level the playing field. Our insurance professionals work exclusively for you, the policyholder. As your public adjuster we will deal directly with the insurance company's representatives and assist you in complying with all the requirements set forth in the insurance policy. We allow you to focus on the important task of rebuilding your home or business, while we maximize your claim and expedite the claim process.

Our Mission

Maximize Your Compensation

Insurance companies typically train their property and casualty adjusters to minimize the insurance company's financial exposure is on a loss. We are here to fight for you to ensure that you get what you are entitled to receive. We specialize in analyzing your property and casualty policy to make sure you present and document your damage claims so as to get the full amount of restoration compensation your policy entitles you to receive.

Expedite Your Claim Process

Moni Mel’s public adjusters work tirelessly to keep your claim file in front of the insurance company. Left to their own devices, many insurance company adjusters delay the claim process, prolonging your suffering and discomfort needlessly. By preparing and presenting a claim on the insured's behalf, Moni Mel’s public adjusters force your insurance company’s adjusters to respond to the claim in a timely fashion, making sure all legal claim resolution deadlines are met as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

What Moni Mel’s Public Adjusters 
Do for You?

We will be with you throughout the entire claim process. We are your representative and advocate. Our staff of qualified experts will handle every aspect of the claim process.

We will respond immediately to document the damage you suffered and to provide responsible efforts for the complete remedial and restoration coverage your insurance policy provides.

Once you receive the settlement on your insurance company, Moni Mel’s clean-up and restoration professionals will help facilitate all the needed work to return your property to its condition prior to the damage you suffered. Moni Mel public adjuster specialists will also advise you of any and all emergency repairs your insurance policy will cover prior to reaching a final settlement with your insurance company.

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